What are the advantages of playing at New Jersey online casinos?

New Jersey online casinos offer better returns, lower minimums, and other great advantages.

NJ online casinos have a variety of strengths, and in some areas, go above and beyond their land-based counterparts.

Here are some of the advantages of playing at NJ online casinos.

Low minimum, high maximum wagers

Trying to find a table game in Atlantic City where the minimum wager is less than $10 a hand, or even $15 on weekends, is tough, maybe impossible.

If you’re the type that only devotes a small portion of your disposable income to gambling, playing blackjack or roulette at these stakes may not be a comfortable option.

At NJ online casino sites like Golden Nugget Casino, $200 can last for just about as long as you want it to. That’s because the table minimums are usually set around a dollar. For some games, like Blackjack Micro Limit, the minimums are even lower, just $0.25 per hand.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re in the mood to place some big bets, NJ online casinos are more than happy to accommodate. At Golden Nugget, table game caps range from $200 and $1,000.

While the site’s slots may technically be “penny slots,” some machines allow you to play for $200 a spin. You simply won’t find the same betting spreads on casino floors, where penny slot maximums typically cap out at around $5, and only a few of high limit slots accept big bets.

Online games offer better returns

Not only will you find more betting options online, but generally speaking, the games you do play will offer higher returns.

In Atlantic City, you’ll average a return around $91.50 for every $100 you put through a slot machine.

At a NJ online casino, you’ll average closer to $95 per $100 wagered on slots. And on a select few games, you’ll win 97 percent or more of your money back over time. That rate of return is unheard of at most land-based venues.

Some sites, like Golden Nugget Casino, allow you to check a slot’s return by navigating to the game’s info tab. You’ll know exactly how loose or tight a game is, all before you take a single spin.

The high returns extend to online video poker. Most single line Game King games offer returns of 99 percent or higher. Multi-line games at Tropicana Casino and Virgin Casino boast returns that run as high as 99.73 percent.

At NJ online casino blackjack, you’ll often be giving up 0.4 percent or less to the house — on par with the best AC blackjack games.

And at roulette, your money will last twice as long playing single zero roulette online compared to playing double zero games at a brick and mortar venue.

It’s more convenient to play online

Be it bad weather, traffic, sickness, or personal obligations, it’s just not always feasible to travel to a live casino destination. Even when you can manage to get to the casino, there’s no guarantee that there will be a seat available to play your favorite slot or blackjack game.

As you’re located in NJ and have access to wifi, you’re a few mouse clicks away from playing your preferred casino game.

Additionally, the majority of sites have ported 50 percent or more of their game libraries to mobile. Have an iOS/Android-powered smartphone or tablet? You can download the NJ online casino app of your choice and experience gaming on the go.

You don’t have to choose

There’s nothing stopping you from dividing your gambling time between online and live. In fact, NJ online casino sites encourage you to do just that.

Almost all online casinos will reward their loyal patrons with free play, hotel stays, food and beverage vouchers, and entertainment passes at their affiliated land-based properties. Meaning that two hours you spent playing slots at Tropicana Casino online might save you hundreds the next time you plan a trip to Tropicana AC.

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