What Are My Choices For Playing On A NJ Online Casino Site?

You have many playing options. You can play on a PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile phone.

One of the greatest benefits of gambling on a legal NJ online casino site is that you’ll have plenty of playing options to choose from.

PC user? Android aficionado? No problem — there’s bound to be a version of the online casino software that’s compatible with at least one, and likely more, of your devices.

What platforms are NJ online casinos available on?

Generally speaking, NJ online casinos can be downloaded or played on the following devices:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Android enabled devices
  • iPhone/iPad

Regardless of your preferred device, you will need to have a WiFi connection to wager real-money online.

Any semi-modern smartphone or tablet is already WiFi enabled, as are most laptops — so all you’ll have to do is flip your wireless connection to “On”. But if you’re playing on a hardwired PC or Mac, you may have to purchase an inexpensive WiFi adapter from your local retail outlet to get started.

Either that or ask your preferred online casino’s customer service department if they wouldn’t mind sending you one. You’d be surprised how often they’ll honor your request.

Which NJ online casinos offer an Android and iOS app?

All NJ online casinos offer mobile versions of their software.

Here’s generally what you’ll need:

  • A smartphone or tablet with the Android or iOS (Apple) operating system installed. Sorry BlackBerry users.
  • A semi-modern operating system. Generally speaking, if your OS version is within a few versions of the most recent version, you’ll be fine.
  • Enough internal storage space to fit the app. This shouldn’t be a problem since NJ online casino apps tend to be smaller.

iOS NJ online casino apps generally range in size from as small as 4.6 megs (888 Casino) to no more than 70 megs (Pala Casino). Android versions are even more compact, with the smallest being Borgata Casino at 3.9 megs, and the largest a very manageable 44 megs (Betfair Casino).

Unfortunately, a couple apps (888 Casino, Harrah’s Casino) are only available on iOS. There are indications that 888’s and Harrah’s are working on Android apps, but nothing has been released yet.

On the plus side, every other NJ online casinos offer mobile versions of their software for iOS and Android devices, both smartphones and tablets.

How do I get started using an NJ online casino app?

The process of getting up and running on mobile is a breeze. Better yet, the sign-up process is fundamentally the same across all NJ online casinos (we’ll touch on some of the differences between iOS and Android in a bit).

Let’s use Golden Nugget Casino on Android as an example:

  • Navigate to GoldenNuggetCasino.com from your preferred iOS/Android-powered tablet or smartphone.
  • At the top of the main page, you will notice a link to the app.
  • Click “Install Now.”
  • The app will download to memory. When the progress bar is full, there will be a “Download Complete” indicator. Select it.
  • From there, you’ll be directed to your “Downloads” menu, from where you can open and install the application.
  • Once the app is installed, you can choose to open it right there and then.
  • For future reference, the app will be indicated in your “Apps” menu by a Golden Nugget Casino icon. Select it, and the app will load right up.

It’s worth noting that at present, the Google Play store does not support real-money gambling applications — which is why Android users must go through the casino’s main page.

It also means that before you download a NJ online casino app, you’ll have to navigate to your device’s security settings and switch “Unknown sources — Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.” to “On.”

Luckily, most NJ online casinos will point you to your security menu during the download and installation process.

More good news, iOS users can download NJ online casino apps directly via iTunes. And just like Android device owners, iOS users can also download apps directly from a site’s main page, should they choose.

Tell me more about playing on a PC or Mac

If you don’t want to download an online casino application, that’s not a problem. All NJ online casino sites allow you to play directly from a browser-based version of the site.

All you’ll need is a compatible browser, of which there are many. Here’s a partial list that you can choose from:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari for Mac

There are a few sites that provide an additional option to download their online casino application to your hard drive. The benefit of having a physical copy of the casino software is that it will tend to run even smoother. However, with all the technological advancements NJ online casinos have made since launch, you will have a smooth experience whether you are playing on your browser or a downloaded copy.

Borgata Casino is one of the casinos that offers downloads of their application to your hard drive.

The PC and Mac versions of the software are generally identical — same games, same account management features, and similar aesthetics.

How do I get started on an NJ online casino site from a PC/Mac?

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to get playing on a PC or Mac today:

  • Make sure you have WiFi enabled and a steady Internet connection.
  • From an approved browser (see above), navigate to any NJ online casino site (VirginCasino.com, GoldenNuggetCasino.com, etc.).
  • Start the registration process by clicking on “Join Now,” usually located in the top portion of your screen.
  • At some point, you may need to download and install a geolocation plugin to your hard drive. This is often required for sites to determine whether or not you are physically located in the state of NJ, which is a requirement for placing real-money wagers online.
  • Complete the registration process, and have your account verified.
  • Collect your no-deposit bonus, and start playing.

Depending on the site, the system may check your location when you log in, or when you attempt to play a real-money game. If it’s the latter, then you’ll usually be able to play the site’s games in demo or free mode without having to log in.

What are the main differences between NJ online casino mobile apps and their desktop versions?

The last thing you need is to download a NJ online casino app, only to find that it’s a shallow representation of its PC or Mac countertop. Trust us, we understand how frustrating that would be.

Luckily, you won’t need to fear that, as most apps bear a strong similarity to their desktop counterparts, and not just aesthetically. You’ll find that the functionality and design are also quite similar.

If there is one difference between desktop and mobile it’s that mobile apps support fewer games.

A few years ago, when the industry was just starting up, the gap was wide. These days it’s pretty narrow, with the average NJ online casino app supporting more than half of the main site’s games. Some apps, like Golden Nugget’s, now feature over 200 slot, video poker, and table games.

Not to mention, most if not all of a casino’s account management features are now baked into its app. From mobile, you’ll be able to create an account, make a deposit or withdrawal, view your gaming history, and change your personal history — just like you would on PC or Mac.

And don’t worry, you can earn rewards while playing from your device at home just like in the land-based casinos. Check out how here.