How do I deposit real money at online casinos in New Jersey?

There are many quick and easy methods for depositing real money at New Jersey online casinos.

Depositing money on NJ online casino sites is a quick and easy process. NJ online casino sites offer a variety depositing options, so you can easily find the method that is right for you. You can even deposit cash at your favorite land-based casinos that can be used on their online casinos.

Because NJ online casinos are regulated by the New Jersey Department of Gaming, there will never be any issues withdrawing your funds when you want to.

NJ online casinos are legal and regulated, so you can be assured that your funds are held safely. We’ll explain why in a bit, but first, let’s look at the depositing options themselves.

Can I deposit at an NJ online casino with cash?

NJ online casinos are unique in that they feature at least one (often two) means by which you can deposit with cash.

Cash at the casino cage

If you live in the Atlantic City area or visit the boardwalk city on a semi-regular basis, you might want to consider the Cash at the Cage option.

You know how you go to the cage to exchange cash for chips? Well, believe it or not, Cash at the Cage works much the same way.

Here’s what you need to do to deposit funds at Virgin Casino via this method:

  1. Head down to the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City.
  2. Inform the casino cage teller that you’d like to make a deposit to your Virgin Casino account.
  3. Provide proof of your identity — a passport or driver’s license will do.
  4. Give the teller the money you would like to deposit. The minimum deposit amount is $10.
  5. The funds will be immediately loaded on your Virgin Casino account.

That’s it. The whole process takes less than five minutes. And because you’re depositing funds over to a real-life person who works for a legal casino, you should feel comfortable knowing that your money is going where it’s supposed to.

But why must you make the deposit at a specific casino?

All NJ online casino sites are affiliated with an Atlantic City casino. For instance, the Tropicana oversees the operations of Tropicana Casino and Virgin Casino.

You can only make a Cash at the Cage deposit at the land-based casino which the online site is tied to.

So how do you know which properties are tied to one another? Often times it’s intuitive. For example, Borgata Casino is linked to Borgata AC.

For sites that don’t have the same name of as an Atlantic City casino, you can find out where you need to go via the following simple process:

  • Go to the online casino site’s cashier
  • Click on the “Cash at the Cage” option.
  • There, it’ll tell you exactly what land-based casino you’ll need to visit to make a Cash at the Cage deposit.

7-Eleven PayNearMe

For the majority of New Jersey players, it’s not always convenient to visit Atlantic City. We understand that, and so do NJ online casinos. That’s why there’s another pay with cash option.

The PayNearMe depositing option enables players to make cash deposits at any participating 7-Eleven. There are dozens of 7-Eleven’s in the state’s population centers, so depositing via this method shouldn’t task you with traveling more than a few minutes.

Here’s how the process works for Virgin Casino:

  1. Visit the Virgin Casino cashier.
  2. Select PayNearMe, verify that your email address is correct, and click on “Deposit Funds”.
  3. From there, you’ll be shown a listing of all 7-Eleven’s located near your zip code.
  4. Choose a 7-Eleven and click “Pay”.
  5. You’ll have the option to either print a barcode or have it sent to your mobile device.
  6. Now it’s time to leave the house. Take your payslip (or if you’re using mobile the barcode sent to your email) and cash payment (up to $500) to the 7-Eleven you selected and tell the cashier that you want them to load your account.
  7. The payslip will provide the teller with instructions on how to complete the process, just in case they haven’t done so before.

There are no extra fees associated with this deposit method and your funds will immediately be loaded into your Virgin Casino account.

And rest assured that no matter what site you gamble on, the PayNearMe depositing process will be the same.

What about other depositing methods?

One of biggest upsides to gambling online is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. You also won’t have to leave home in order to make a deposit, as each NJ online casino offers players multiple ways to fund accounts right from their desktop or mobile device.

If you’re comfortable making deposits electronically, you may want to consider one of the following methods:

  • ACH (eChecks): You will need to enter your checking account information to use this method, but it’s well worth it, as ACH features instant approvals and no fees.
  • PayPal: If the most trusted eWallet trusts NJ online casino gambling sites, then you can too. PayPal depositing isn’t available on every casino site, but when it is, it’s a good choice for easy depositing.
  • Prepaid card option: Great for those who have had trouble depositing via ACH. The signup process for the prepaid card option is quick, and you can load your card with a debit card or checking account. There are no fees associated with debit card loads, which can be done without leaving the online casino site. Not to mention, you won’t even need a physical card to make deposits, but you’ll probably want one because the prepaid cards can be used for ATM transactions and point-of-sale purchases wherever Discover is accepted.
  • Online Bank Transfer: If you’ve signed up for Bill Pay with your bank you can use this method for speedy and reliable deposits. The only drawback is that not all banking institutions have enabled Bill Pay.
  • Skrill/Neteller: When all else fails, these third-party processors are solid fallback options. Be mindful that they may have transactional fees.

You can also deposit via MasterCard/Visa credit cards, although you will probably be charged a cash advance fee by the issuing bank. As a result, this is not our preferred method for depositing. Debit cards are a much better option since there are no fees associated with it.

How do I know my funds are safe?

NJ online casinos are governed by the same regulatory body as Atlantic City casinos — the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. Before online gambling even went live in NJ, the DGE crafted regulations that require licensed online casinos to keep all player funds in segregated and secure accounts, separate from operating accounts.

This, combined with other regulatory protections ensures that player funds are safe and games are fair. And in the rare instance that there is an issue retrieving funds, players are encouraged to contact the DGE to resolve any and all disputes.

Once you’ve deposited your money, there are countless slots and table games you can play online at New Jersey online casinos. Check out our overview of the best games you can play here.