How fair are New Jersey online casinos and how do I know I can trust them?

New Jersey online casino games are just as fair as land-based Atlantic City casinos.

New Jersey online casino games are powered by exactly the same system and overseen by the same government organization as online games. That means that New Jersey online casino games are as thoroughly vetted as land-based games. As a result, online casino games are just as safe to play as in-person Atlantic City casino games.

If you gamble at land-based casinos, then you probably already know that the house almost always has the advantage. This is true of New Jersey online casinos as well. However, NJ online casinos have to go through one of the most rigorous testing processes to ensure that everything is fair and there is no cheating.

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Online vs. land-based slots

One thing to consider is that almost all in-person Atlantic City slots are digital, just like their online counterparts. The one arm slot machines are quickly becoming obsolete, and now both land-based and online casino games are powered by the type of computer system.

Today’s popular land-based titles, like Wheel of Fortune, Quick Hit Platinum, and Triple Diamond all look and feel identical to their counterparts at NJ online casinos. The only real difference being that land-based slots are enclosed in a physical cabinet, and online slots exist solely on the internet.

This means you can play the exact same game at home that you would play from an Atlantic City casino. The odds and fairness are exactly the same.

The online slot vetting process

All NJ online slot games are tested by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement’s Technical Services Bureau. This is the same group that is responsible for vetting slots that eventually make their way to AC casino floors.

Here’s a glance at just a few steps of the vigorous approval process:

  • Before the game approval process begins, the Division of Gaming first determines whether the vendor who manufactures the project is of good character. Only suppliers approved and licensed by the Division are permitted to submit games for consideration.
  • Next comes the testing process. The Technical Services Bureau (TSB) tests all facets of a game, including the random number generator, the game rules, gameplay, the expected return to player, and its general integrity. This is the same regulatory process that land-based games go through as well.
  • Once thoroughly tested and approved for an NJ online casino site, the game is installed. Only games signed off by the Bureau can be featured on an online site.
  • The Bureau continues to closely monitor newly installed games for a variety of security events that could negatively impact its integrity.
  • At this juncture, the Bureau’s Regulatory Enforcement Bureau steps in. Its role is to certify revenue, perform compliance audits, review marketing programs, and respond to player inquiries — particularly complaints.

The TSB employs staff from a variety of expertise areas to evaluate games. Staff includes:

  • Electrical engineers
  • Mathematicians
  • Programmers
  • IT Security Specialists

The professionals assigned to vet games already have a solid familiarity with casino game rules, so they’re able to expertly assess a game and its fairness. Once a game reaches your computer screen, it has gone through a rigorous testing process that includes close monitoring and expert evaluation.

Are there any additional steps taken when testing an online slot?

While online products aren’t that much different than those found in land-based environments, the testing process isn’t exactly the same.

If anything, the Bureau has to go even further to ensure the security of online games, as the software doesn’t reside under the watchful eye of casino camera surveillance. In essence, this means that NJ online casino slot games must offer an unparalleled layer of frontline protection.

Also, the online slot gameplay controls are all digital. The Bureau ensures that these are working as intended and that nothing could happen that would hurt a player’s odds.

No stone is left untouched through the Bureau’s vetting process.

What about table games?

All NJ online casino table games are subject to the same testing and oversight processes as any virtual slot machine.

Consider for a moment just how much randomness is associated with slots — there are millions upon millions of possible combinations. By comparison, evaluating the randomness of a table game is more straightforward.

Table games approved by the Bureau are even fairer than their land-based counterparts because well-vetted computer systems aren’t prone to mistakes. Dealers are.

Dealers can make computational errors, where they pay you out less than you deserve. Or even worse, they can make evaluation errors, where you don’t get paid at all on a winning wager. Unfortunately, it’s up to you to catch these mistakes, and when you don’t, the house advantage will just climb that much higher.

This doesn’t happen in today’s NJ online gambling world, where the likelihood of a computational or evaluatory error is essentially nil.

Because there is no chance of human-error, blackjack games that are evaluated by computer systems return slightly more than traditional shoe games at land-based casinos.

Now that you’re familiar with the thorough vetting process of New Jersey online casinos, learn more about how their bonuses work here.