New Jersey online casino FAQ

If you’re primarily a land-based casino player, making the change to online gambling can be a little bit overwhelming.

While we’ve done our best to cover a broad range of topics, we realize that you might have some other questions.

Below are answers to some of the most common new player inquiries. Hopefully, they’ll help make the transition process just a little bit smoother.

How do I sign up at a New Jersey online casino?

After you find the casino you’d like to play at, simply go to their website and create an account. You will need to sign up at each casino individually and have identification information accessible, so that the casino can verify that you are the person creating the account. Your identification information will be completely secure, since Atlantic City casinos use the same technology as banks. If you are interested in seeing more on the sign up process, check out how to sign up for Virgin Casino here.

How fair are New Jersey online casino games?

NJ online casino games are regulated and overseen by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement — the same government agency that regulates Atlantic City casinos. As a result, New Jersey online casinos are one of the safest and most fair ways to play casino games online. If you’re interested in reading more, our article on New Jew casino fairness contains lots more information on the vetting process.

How do New Jersey online casino bonuses work?

NJ online casinos offer two types of bonuses: no deposit and deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are smaller, but don’t require you to deposit any money. Deposit bonuses require you to add money to an account, but are much larger, around $500. For a more thorough breakdown of the different bonus types, check out our article here.

How to deposit money in a New Jersey online casino sites?

There are many ways to deposit funds into a New Jersey online casino. You can deposit money in person at an Atlantic City casino through the Cash at the Cage system, those funds can then be used at the affiliated NJ online casino. You can also use the PayNearMe option to deposit funds at a nearby 7-Eleven. There are also a variety of methods, which can be found here, that allow you to deposit funds online without leaving the comfort of your home.

How do I get paid when I win at a New Jersey online casino?

Similar to depositing funds, there are many methods to withdraw your money from a NJ online casino. The easiest option is to cash out at the casino cage of the affiliate Atlantic City casino. You can also cash out online through an e-check, pre-paid card, or Neteller. Read more about how all of these systems work here.

Can I earn rewards points playing at New Jersey online casino sites?

Yes. You begin earning rewards points as soon as you sign up and start playing at New Jersey online casinos, the enrollment process is automatic! Rewards points can be used for cash back or free play. Also, if you play at Harrah’s or Caesars Casino you can link your online and land-based Total Rewards accounts together, so whether you play online or in the Atlantic City casino, your points will contribute to your Total Rewards. Check out our guide to rewards points and our picks for the best rewards programs here.

Are New Jersey online casinos connected to Atlantic City?

Yes. Every New Jersey online casino is associated with one of five Atlantic City, brick and mortar casinos. When online gambling was legalized in 2013, the legislation required New Jersey online casinos to work with land-based Atlantic City casinos to apply for an Internet Gaming Permit. As a result, every New Jersey online casinos works with Tropicana, Golden Nugget, Borgata, Resorts, or Caesars Casino. To learn which online casinos work with which land-based Atlantic City casinos, see our article for more information here.

What are the advantages of playing at New Jersey online casinos?

There are many advantages to playing at NJ online casinos. First and foremost, NJ online casinos offer much more flexibility around minimum and maximum wagers, so you can bet the amount that you feel comfortable with. Second, both the table games and slots offer better returns than their land-based equivalents, so your odds of winning are higher when you play online. Lastly, you can play from any device without leaving your home, so it is the most convenient way to play your favorite game. Read more on why New Jersey online casinos are a great option here.

Can I find my favorite games at New Jersey online casinos?

New Jersey online casinos feature many of your favorite games including slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, and more. Additionally, many of the most popular slot games (Kitty Glitter, Triple Diamond, etc.) are available online plus new slots games based on popular culture and television such as Deal or No Deal. Check out the list of what’s available here.

Do New Jersey online casinos offer a good gambling value?

Yes, New Jersey online casino table games and slots often offer better returns than their land-based equivalents! Because New Jersey online casinos have fewer operating costs, they’re able to pass on those savings to players through higher returns on games. Also, many of the games include information about their returns, so it’s much easier to be knowledgable when choosing which game will be the best for you. We’ve compiled a list of the NJ online casino slot games with the highest returns here.

What devices can I use to play New Jersey online casino games?

You can play NJ online casino games through your desktop computer, iOS phone (iPhone), Android phone, or tablet. NJ online casinos have both websites and applications for you to play at, so it’s easy to find the system that will work for you. As a result, it’s easier than ever to play your favorite casino game from the comfort of your home. For more instructions on how to play NJ online casino games from home, check out our article here.

How do I resolve a dispute with a New Jersey online casino?

If you have a problem with a NJ online casino, start by talking to their support team either by phone, email, or chat. If you are dissatisfied with the results, you can then file a formal dispute with the casino by emailing their support team. Lastly, if the casino remains dissatisfactory in their responses, complete this form to file the dispute with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Read more in our thorough write-up of the process here.

How many NJ online casino sites are there?

As of 2017, there are 14 NJ online casino sites, and each one offers an independent no-deposit and first real-money deposit bonus.

If you total it all up, that is nearly $10,000 in welcome bonuses available for players.

You’ll have to meet the wagering requirements to clear all these bonuses, which could be time-consuming. But that’s an enormous amount of free money for an online gambling market.

Can other people play on my NJ online casino account?’

By sharing an account with another player, you’ll have breached a security measure, and will be in violation of a site’s terms & conditions.

You shouldn’t, under any circumstances, allow another player, even a loved one, to gamble on your NJ online casino accounts. Your account is yours, and yours alone.

How do I prevent others from accessing my account?

As a first line defense, choose a password that only you will remember, and elect to have your preferred browser not store your password.

When you play at NJ online casinos, you’ll also have access to another layer of account protection called Strong Authentication. This is an optional feature, that enables an extra step in the sign-in process.

Here’s how you enable Strong Authentication on Golden Nugget Casino:

  • Navigate to and login.
  • Go to “My Account” and then “Account Details.”
  • Select “Strong Authentication.”
  • A pop-up will appear, from where you can change your Strong Authentication settings.
  • If you enable Strong Authentication, a four-digit code will be sent to your entered mobile phone.
  • Retrieve it and enter it in the pop-up.
  • Confirm that you want Strong Authentication enabled.

From this point forward a special code will be sent to your registered mobile phone each time you login. You must enter the correct code within a certain time frame, or you won’t be able to access your account.

If you’re concerned about hiding your account from others that have access to your home computer, Strong Authentication is simple way to protect yourself.

Are there ways to limit the amount I gamble on a NJ online casino site?

Yes. By law, NJ online gambling sites are required to provide Responsible Gaming tools. These allow you to customize your play in a multitude of ways.

Accessing a site’s Responsible Gaming tools is simple. Here’s a walkthrough for Virgin Casino:

  • Navigate to from your preferred device and login.
  • Go to “Menu” and then “My Account.”
  • Click “Responsible Gaming” or “Account Limits.”
  • Choose a submenu item, set the limit/restriction and hit “Confirm.”

Describe the most common Responsible Gaming features

Let’s walk through each of the account limiting functions on Virgin Casino (these can be found on most other NJ online casinos as well):

  • Deposit Limits: Allows you to set a daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limit. You will not to able to deposit more than this amount during the selected time frame.
  • Session Limits: Here, you can set the maximum amount of time you wish to play. After the time expires, you will essentially be kicked off the site. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to finish your current game first.
  • Spending Limits: From this menu, you can specify a maximum spending limit and control its  frequency (daily, weekly, monthly). For example, if you set a daily limit of $50 and you lose more than $50, you cannot play any more until the next calendar day.

You can request that these restrictions be removed or lessened at any time, but the changes won’t go into effect until the current limit period has expired.

By contrast, if you request a stricter restriction, it will take hold immediately.

The functions listed under “Responsible Gaming” on Virgin Casino are more extreme in nature, and should only be enabled if you’re sure you need some time off from NJ online casino sites:

  • Account Cool Off: Allows you to take a complete break from one site for a specified amount of time (usually three days minimum). During the cool off period, you will not be able to play any real-money games — you may not be able to access the casino at all.
  • Self-exclusion: If you feel that your gambling has grown out of control, you may want to self-exclude. The minimum time frame for self-exclusion is one year (five years is also an option). If you self-exclude, you won’t be able to play on the site from which you self-excluded or any other NJ online casinos. You may even be barred from some Atlantic City casinos — so really think this one through before filling out the forms.

Can I access my account from outside of New Jersey?

It depends on the NJ online casino. Some sites, like Betfair Casino, won’t let you login at all if you’re not geo-located in New Jersey.

Others will grant you more freedom. For instance, you might be allowed to access demo versions of the game, manage your account, and make deposits or request withdrawals.

There is one universal constant: under no circumstances will you be able to place real-money wagers from outside the physical boundaries of New Jersey. That doesn’t mean you need an NJ address, just that you have to be in the state at the time you place a bet.