Can I earn reward points playing at New Jersey online casinos?

Yes, you can earn reward points playing at New Jersey online casino sites.

If you’re anything like us, one of the first things you do when visiting a new land-based casino is to sign up for a player rewards card.

And why not? Even the most basic loyalty program enables players to receive cashback and/or comps based on the games they play and the amount they wager.

More structured programs might offer additional perks to higher tier members such as free hotel rooms, discounts on shopping and entertainment, and VIP lounge access.

There’s good news for all of you considering making the jump to online gambling: Just like their brick and mortar counterparts, NJ online casinos have integrated rewards programs into their operations.

The beauty of these programs is that you won’t even have to complete a separate signup process to start earning rewards points today.

How do I start earning?

Once you successfully register on a NJ online casino site, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the site’s loyalty program. No additional forms, no deposits, nothing!

In order to start earning rewards points, simply wager real-money on any casino game, just like you would at a land-based casino.

If you’re asking yourself, “Are there any other ways to earn points?” the answer is yes.

Some sites, like Golden Nugget Casino, reward loyalty points to players who complete non-gaming functions, like making a deposit of over a certain amount.

Take advantage of these little extras when you can.

How do I spend rewards points earned online?

Once you’ve accrued enough rewards points — usually a dollar’s worth — they can be redeemed for kickbacks, either in the form of free play or straight up cash.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because points earned at land-based casinos can also be exchanged, not just for free play, but for credits at casino restaurants, retail outlets, and hotels.

Online points can sometimes be redeemed for more than just cashback, depending on the site.

A couple casinos have even tied online rewards to their land-based program — meaning that the points you earn online can be spent in a live casino setting.

I want to earn online rewards points to use at a live casino, where should I play?

You currently have two options:

Both of these NJ online casinos allow you to earn Total Rewards points by playing online.

As an added measure of convenience, your Total Rewards account number for the online casino is the same as the one you use at land-based Caesars affiliated properties.

Linking your Total Rewards account

In order to link your online and land-based accounts, there are a few simple steps involved. Here’s a breakdown of the process at Caesars Casino:

  • Navigate to from your preferred web browser.
  • Click on the “Total Rewards” tab at the top of the screen.
  • Under the section “Connect Your Accounts” you’ll notice a link. Click on it and you’ll be directed to a new webpage.
  • From there, click “Sign In” and enter your Total Rewards # or username and password/pin.
  • After you’ve inputted your info click “Sign In” and the accounts will be linked.

If you don’t have a Total Rewards account, you can create one from the external page. Or visit and complete the simple registration process at your own convenience.

Once your accounts are linked, any Tier Credits earned online will be automatically applied to your Total Rewards account.

Tier Credits are used to determine your Tier Status Level. Climb up the program’s four tiers (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Stars) to open up additional perks.

Additionally, any Online Reward Credits that you earn can be transferred to your TR account for use at Caesars’ casinos.

Or you can opt to redeem the credits for cash on the online site. The choice is yours.

What are the Tier and Online Reward Credit earn rates?

It really depends on where you play and what types of games you prefer.

At Caesars Casino, you will earn 1 Tier Credit and 1 Online Reward Credit for every $10 wagered on slots, and for every $100 wagered on any other game.

Harrah’s Casino takes a more uniform approach to earn rates. You will earn 1 TC and 1 ORC for every $20 wagered, regardless of the game.

So how does this stack up against earn rates at land-based Total Rewards casinos? Quite well.

If you gamble at Caesars AC, of any other Caesars affiliated casino for that matter, you will earn 1 TC and 1 RC for every $5 wagered on slots, and $10 wagered on video poker.

While the land-based earn rates appear to be somewhat better, that’s not actually the case.

  • Land-based slots typically offer lower returns than their online equivalents; about 5 percent less on balance.
  • Casinos aren’t able to precisely track table game play. Online casinos can.
  • Caesars often imposes special rules for high payback games, such as Full Pay Jacks or Better. Players will have to wager $25 or even $50 to earn one 1 TC and 1 RC when they these games in Atlantic City.

With these variables in mind, earning Total Rewards credits online is more efficient than doing so at a land-based casino.

Are there any other NJ online casinos where my land-based loyalty card will come in handy?

Just because you can’t link your land-based and online accounts at other NJ online casino sites, doesn’t necessarily mean that your land-based loyalty cards won’t have value when playing online.

For instance, if you’re already a 24K Elite/Chairman member at Golden Nugget AC, you may qualify to automatically become a VIP Rewards Club member at Golden Nugget Casino.

As an online VIP, you’ll receive top-level support, weekly cashback bonuses, access to VIP Happy Hours, and discounts at Golden Nugget in Atlantic City.

Other NJ online casinos tie their land-based and online gaming venues together in other ways. At Borgata online casino, players can exchange their earned loyalty points for comps at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City.

What’s more, the exchange rate for comps is better than it is for online cash and bonuses.

What are some of the best NJ online casino rewards programs?

Not all rewards programs are created equal. Here’s a look at the best of the best:

Play SugarHouse

If you’re unfamiliar with industry newcomer Play SugarHouse, we suggest you become acquainted. Not only does the site excel in the areas of software, game selection, and cashiering, but its loyalty program is the best program available.

Instead of earning direct cashback, players that reach new loyalty tiers on Play SugarHouse are invited to take a spin on the site’s Prize Wheel. They are guaranteed a minimum bonus prize on the prize wheel.

The amount of that prize depends on a couple of factors. Namely, luck and a player’s tier. But regardless of your tier level, the minimum payouts work out to 0.50 percent cashback on slots, 0.25 percent cashback on roulette and table games, and 0.10 percent cashback on other games.

These rates exceed even the best AC casino offers to loyal patrons. Plus, once you reach Tier 7, you’ll be entitled to even more kickbacks, primarily in the form of a special VIP Calendar.

Earning points at Play SugarHouse is easy — just wager real money on any casino game. Earn rates are as follows:

  • Slots: 1 point per $5 wagered
  • Roulette/table games: 1 point per $10 wagered
  • Blackjack/video poker: 1 point per $25 wagered

Betfair Casino

Betfair Casino has revamped its loyalty program into one of the best available. Now, the site features five VIP tiers, with each higher tier offering better cashback rates than the last.

You can earn points on Betfair Casino by playing real money games. Earn rates are:

  • 5 Tier Points and 5 Bonus Points per $1 wagered on slots
  • 3 TPs and 3 BPs per $1 wagered on roulette, video poker, and table games
  • 1 TPs and 1 BPs per $1 wagered on blackjack

At the baseline (VIP Iron) level you can exchange 5,000 points for a $1, which works out to 0.10 cashback on slots, 0.06 percent cashback on roulette/table games, and 0.02 percent cashback on blackjack.

These rates increase dramatically as you climb up the ranks, all the way up to 0.5 percent cashback on slots at the VIP Platinum level. All conversions are awarded as cash that can be immediately withdrawn.

Although it takes some work to hit Platinum level, the good news is that once you’re there, you’ll only have to put in half the volume to maintain your status.

Golden Nugget Casino

Golden Nugget is one of our favorite programs because there are so many ways to earn.

In addition to accruing 5 Golden Points per every $100 wagered on slots, and 1 GP for every $100 wagered on other games, you’ll receive additional points for completing the following simplistic tasks:

  • Place a real-money wager: 10 points — players are eligible to receive this offer once per day
  • Each day you deposit between $50 – $99: 20 points
  • Each day you deposit between $100 or more: 40 points

So if you’re the type to deposit $100 a day, you’ll receive 50 Golden Points each time, which is the cash equivalent of $0.50.

In addition, should you accumulate 3,000 Golden Points you’ll be automatically entered into the site’s VIP Rewards Club. Once there, you’ll gain access to big cashback deals, the amount will depend on your weekly net deposit.

Any cashback received via the VIP Club is subject to a low 1x wagering requirement, so you’ll be able to cash out the funds in no time at all.

Sound like a good deal? It is. What’s even better is that earning 3,000 points is hardly a chore, especially if you make regular deposits.

All of our recommended programs make it fun and easy to earn online rewards points while playing your favorite games.

Rewards points aren’t the only advantage to playing at New Jersey online casinos. Read our outline of all the advantages of playing online here.